Content 2 brow coloring powders to mix for a perfectly natural look 1 brow defining wax to intensify color and add texture 3 classic brow stencils: fine, medium and full 1 coloring/shaping brush 1 blending brush Full instructions have you shaping your brows like a pro in minutes!

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1. Select stencil closest to your brow shape.
2. Brush brows into place with spiral side of Shaping Brush.
3. Place stencil over brow, lining front open area over tear duct.
4. Hold stencil firmly at both ends with fingertips.
5. With Coloring Brush, apply coloring powder to open area of brow stencil, working brush from side to side.
6. Remove stencil and blend color in with spiral Shaping Brush.
7. Dip angled end of Shaping Brush into Brow Wax and apply over brow to intensify color, add texture, and fill in sparse areas.
8. Blend again.
tart with lightest color and add darkness as needed.
Tap excess powder off coloring brush before applying.
Wipe stencil before using on alternate brow.
If desired, dip Shaping Brush into Brow Wax first and then over powder and apply to brows to fill in.
Always blend color with the spiral side of the Shaping Brush.